Painting Classes near Padappai No.❶ Painting Classes near Padappai
Painting Classes near Padappai No.❶ Painting Classes near Padappai

Welcome to Shanoviyam Institution


About Founder & Institution

                           Mrs.Devika Sathiesh,The Founder of”ShanOviyam Institute of Fine Arts”.Institute was born and raised in padappai since 2010 running successfully. Mrs.Devika Sathiesh (Founder of ‘SHANOVIYAM INSTITUTION’) is our head Artist, She has experience of 15 years in Art field, However, also  passionate about  childrens. and hence her  selected for a career in teaching field.  she believes that the ability to paint lies within us. Over the years she have been sharing her passion for drawing & paintings with children by offering classes to beginners. And she’s working as a CCA facilitator in P.S.Temple Green vidyashram. Being a passionate art teacher, she engages learners in the enormous possibilities of art.

                             Mrs.Devika Sathiesh got ‘BEST TEACHER AWARD’ and achieved ‘WORLD RECORD-2017’ Book of Limca and she deserved winner of ‘NATIONAL ARTIST ART COMPETITION’ afterwards participated ‘NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION’ and participating number of group exhibition in lalit kala academy @ chennai. 

                                   Mrs.Devika  is an art lover since her early childhood. She have been continuously learning various forms of art through her self taught. After joining dessin academy, her ability to produce art works has improved to a great extent. Her graduvated from fine arts college in barathiyar university, coimbatore. Her talent won her a state-level student award, and at the senior level, as well as a lalit kala akademi award. She has exhibited her works at numerous shows in different states and participated in group shows too. Her paintings featuring eminent expression in  traditional arts are a treat to the eyes and the masterly brush strokes and use of  vibrant colours impact viewers instantly. The blend of colours on my canvases is a hightlight and it stimulates and engages  the senses of audience. And  Mrs.Devika sathiesh attributes her achievement to her guru Mr.Rajenderan master and Mrs.Vatsala madam.!.”

Besides stimulating and enaging the senses, the blend of colours on her canvases is a highlight.

                                    Children are always fascinated and attracted towards colours. Even small babies are happy to see colourful toys. As they grow they get interested in drawing and painting and some of them even start drawing on their own. ShanOviyam institute of fine Arts have been conducting drawing classes for the last 8 years and have mastered the techniques in teaching young children. We not only teach how to draw and paint but become instrumental in developing and strengthening their observation skill, stimulate imagination, creativity and encourage self expression through fun filled art activities. Each student is encouraged to work at their individual skill level.

                                     Beginners will learn the basic drawing skills to which they can build on, while those with more experience can increase their knowledge. The course will contain various facets of drawing and painting.

    Every student’s progress is tracked during the course. Art lessons are split into Step by Step Instructions, making learning so much fun and easier. The art tutor demonstrates each technique for the students. Each students is 
 get lot of individual attention. The students are pleasantly surprised with the result and their achievement.

                                 Starting from students of age 5+. This basic drawing will be helpful for the students in doing paintings or in their school subject's  drawings. Good in drawing is useful for the students to improve their hand writing, as well as to save
 time in examinations .Drawing practices will grow patience, self confidence and Sharpness in the children's mind and will prevent them from other activities like video gaming , chatting and browsing by simply sitting in front of
 the computers and other muddy friendships. Today's competitive world, drawing sense is very essentials for higher studies like Engineering, Multimedia, Visual Communication, BFA, BA- Visual Arts, Fashion Design etc.



Our Institution
  • students achivement

     The Foremost aim of Shanoviyam institute of fine arts is to bring up many successful students from chennai zone to participate and win the state and national level prizes.

  • Class room atmosphere

    Spacious aesthetic lecture rooms with a large area with natural light coming from the windows. Our healthly environment enables the student to bring out their creativity which leads to skill development.

  • Students Group show

    Small hand big art is an initiative to promote children's art and to provide an opportunity for students to take pride in their creativity. We exhibit our arts twice in a year to recognise children who are tallened at art..

  • Gallery

    Around 30 junior artists by our institution have exhibited their art works. Each painting has its own significance and personal touch of the artists, thus proving the title the "Small hand big art".The exhibition held at AKT hall in padappai. Every exhibition we displayed 200 paintings.

  • Summer Camp

    Our camps are generally held during summer holidays. These short term course runs continuously for two weeks. It will be fun to attend to these courses with lot of arts & crafts activities around. please contact the institution for specific dates and timings.

  • Course Details

    Students who complete the course will be awarded an achievement certificate for the skill and level achieved and promoted to next level. Starting from Age 5+ and Adults.

  • About Classes

    All Our classes for children and Adults run on Friday & Saturday 5:30 t0 7pm per class one hour 30 mins duration of two classes per week. Children have the option of choosing two classes in two hour 30 mins duration on sunday 3:30 to 6pm. .

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